What Daisey Hath Wrought

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You see what happens when a real, important story is “improved upon” by an entertainer? We get this kind of thing from Foxconn:

“Our corporate image has been totally ruined,” said Foxconn spokesman Simon Hsing. “The point is whatever media that cited the program should not have reported it without confirming (with us).”

Hsing added that “We have no plans to take legal action… We hope nothing similar will happen again.”

I’m no Foxconn basher and think they’ve been getting somewhat of a raw deal recently. On the other hand, their hands are certainly not clean in all this, and there is ample evidence that they’ve at best created an oppressive work environment and at worst violated several labor laws. It wasn’t that long ago that several of their workers were offing themselves.

Now that Mike Daisey’s confabulations are out there, Foxconn is able to attack everything he said and probably downplay the statements of other critics.

Nice going, Daisey.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you may wish to read this.

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