Wakey Wakey, Year of the Snakey

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Yes, I managed to snooze all the way through the Spring Festival holiday, although, to be fair to myself, it was mostly an involuntary situation brought about by controlled substances influenza and air pollution. A decidedly nasty business, I can assure you.

While I was “away,” what happened in Beijing? Very little, as is usually the case at holiday time. This is why I usually try to schedule my near-death experiences to coincide with long holidays. Not only do I hang on to my vacation days, but the blogging doesn’t suffer all that much. I hope you appreciate this level of dedication.

Getting back to the holiday: this year, apparently out of deference to my convalescent need for peace and quiet, the fireworks were absurdly scarce. I cannot remember another year with a similar absence of bing, bang and boom.

Yes, fireworks were still available, and folks did set them off, but the overall numbers seemed extremely low. I also noticed that the fireworks stand that is usually set up in the strip mall across the street from where I live was not there this year.

There were several news stories out just before the holiday that pointed to a government policy discouraging fireworks this year because of air pollution concerns. Seems to have worked, although I don’t know how it was ultimately implemented. Best not to ask.

Just in case you weren’t already confused with the holiday schedule before all the fun began, here’s how it ends. Yesterday was the actual last day of the holiday, but for most of us, today is not the first day back to work. No, for the official holiday, today is the last day and tomorrow (Saturday) is the first day back in the office.

Most of us will work Saturday through next Friday without a break before getting another day off. If you haven’t done one of these seven-day stretches before, let me tell you, they are neither fun nor remotely efficient. In my humble opinion, no one will actually get any work done tomorrow, with maybe some productivity on Sunday. By the time next Friday comes around, we’ll all be zombified and productivity will again be in the toilet. This is the price, though, of having seven consecutive days off. Hooray!?

On the blogging front, I would love to say that now that all the holiday shenanigans are over, posting will get back to normal. That would unfortunately be an outright lie, which I try to avoid. In reality, I have some things coming up in the short term that may take a bit of my time. More information on that later when/if I get more details. In the meantime, I’ll see about getting back on track.

For everyone in the PRC, get back to work already. For the rest of you, enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hua Qiao

    Yeah, i had to do the Saturday Sunday thing for 5 years. I agree with you on efficiency. It’s a bit like working the day after Thanksgiving in the states. Half the office is still gone. You basically lose 3 weeks. By wednesday prior most people are gone and on the other side of cny week, many don’t come back till late the following week. (heaven knows what will happen when the train ticketing system becomes less of a bottleneck…people will have to find another excuse for not returning on time).