The Weekend Twit – Special Edition

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Due to work demands, I was pretty much offline for the past several days. The bad news is that there was very little Twittering and zero blogging. The good news is that the longest M&A deal of my career, an acquisition that literally lasted one year (that’s one year since they got the lawyers involved!), is finally over. We signed documents and now just need to clean up some share transfer items, and it’s bye bye transaction, hello to getting paid.

I’m now back to a normal schedule, so look out for my next china/divide post tomorrow morning (Monday), which is an update on my unintentional series on efforts to purify the Chinese language of foreign acronyms, as well as regular updates of China Hearsay as usual.

For the sake of efficiency, I have therefore consolidated the few Tweets I sent out the past few days (15th through 18th of April) below. Note that, as usual, these have been edited for the sake of sanity and relevancy:

  1. RT @pdenlinger: China Vortex new post: 2010 Tudou Film Festival Delivers Tough Message:
  2. PKU’s Huang Yiping: China needs to adjust its monetary policy now – calls for i rate and x rate adjustment

  3. O’Melveny: PRC State Council Issues New Rules Encouraging Foreign Investment

  4. FP: The ‘China ate my jobs’ fallacy – This is awesome. Love it.

  5. Bloomberg: EU opens first ever anti-subsidy investigation of Chinese imports

  6. Caijin: China shutting down bank intranets to stop excessive lending

  7. RT @niubi: DigiCha-”???? War of Internet Addiction” Wins Top Prize at 2010 Tudou Film Festival”

  8. Business Day: Just what is Chinese commercial secret remains secret – analysis of one of the charges in Rio case

  9. Viacom: Google used piracy to coerce content owners – video file sharing IP wars continue

  10. Avon bribery case: apparently Avon self-disclosed violation of FCPA to US DOJ. Seems to be a trend towards self-disclosure, at least in U.S.

  11. Tudou: CCTV sports commentators learning to live without “NBA” acronym – quite amusing

  12. Telegraph: A visit to the temple of knock-off China – yet another reporter goes to the Silk Market {yawn}

  13. RIAA and MPAA gone fucking nuts… If you haven’t read about this already – the new IP cops are the ISPs

  14. VOX EU: Bankers’ conflicts of interest in the interwar years: Lessons for today’s regulators

  15. VOX EU: Global safety nets: The IMF as a swap clearing house

  16. Two Billion Laptops? It May Not Be Enough – one laptop per child program having problems

  17. RT @niubi: Roubini Global Economics – Unpacking China’s Trade Deficit

  18. RT @chinaeconreview: New financial products, same transparency problems: China finally has margin trading, short selling

  19. This is amusing: The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon’s Chinese | Sinosplice

  20. Guardian panel: “Chinese GDP: what the experts say” – reax to new growth stats, better than standard news acct

  21. CFR ‘debate’: “Is China a Currency Manipulator?” – stupid question, impressive panel, good reference

  22. Mayer Brown: How are social insurance contributions in respect of an employee made? – decent Q&A for new FIEs

  23. Commerce ministry studies foreign anti-monopoly probes – this will not be well received so close to Rio trial

  24. Plaintiffs in Tainted Chinese Drywall Litigation May Win in Court, but Will They Ever Collect? – answer: no

  25. Andrew Batson: “Evaluating China’s Drive for Budget Transparency” – gotta blog on this, great issue

  26. I don’t understand the point of this headline: “China sells petrol to Iran while talking at UN about sanctions”

  27. China Esquire: “worldvision allows for qinghai earthquake donations”

  28. Foreign investment unaffected by Google, Rio Tinto incidents

  29. Kevin Slaten: “When Superpowers Fall” (The Diplomat)

  30. My Spanish is a bit rusty, but this headline looks slightly judgmental to me: “Qinghai, el “gulag” de China”

  31. China to further support foreign investment as FDI surges – Outward investment, that is.

  32. Derek Scissors: China Excuse Falls Short

  33. Allen & Overy: Daimler Settles U.S. Bribery Charges for $185 Million

  34. RT @UKTI_JGordon: “Inside a Chinese Courtroom”, 15th April, 3:30pm, Kerry Center Hotel, Bejing. EU Chamber

  35. RT @WorldBankAsia: World Bank economists got into the nitty-gritty of East Asia’s current economy. Chat transcript:

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      This might be hard to believe, but it was actually a negotiated flat fee that, as it turns out, was not only accurate in time predictions, but turned out to be very satisfactory to both sides. Very rare, but it does happen!