The Pete Hoekstra China Ad: What Did You Expect?

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If you haven’t seen the racist China bashing ad that Republican Pete Hoekstra ran during the Superbowl, here you go.

The ad doesn’t make a lot of sense, but since it’s a big topic of discussion within the US-China set at the moment, I figured I’d get it out there for your consideration (or amusement, anger, frustration, etc.).

Hoekstra is running for the U.S. Senate in Michigan, a state where unemployment and China bashing go hand in hand. Add that to the Republican predilection towards racism, and really, the ad should not have caught anyone off guard.

I know, I’m not being fair. Not all Republicans are racists like Pete Hoekstra. But as I believe Bill Maher put it, if you do happen to be a racist in America, you’re probably a Republican.

There has been a flurry of outrage over this, certainly more attention than it deserves, but what the hell. The latest “news” is that the image of the girl in the ad was labeled “Yellow Girl.” No, seriously.

I hope they paid that girl well. She may end up needing psychotherapy before this is over.

5 responses on “The Pete Hoekstra China Ad: What Did You Expect?

    1. Stan Post author

      I feel quite sad admitting that the ad was the only part of the Superbowl I have seen. In fact, my wife saw more than I did (clips of Madonna prancing around pretending she’s still young).

  1. colin

    Have to disagree with you and Maher (I think both of you are awesome) that Republicans are much more racists than democrats. Beyond blacks and hispanics, democrats are just as racist towards other minorities, especially Asians. They just try to hide it more.

    1. Stan Post author

      I think the original comment suggested that if someone was a racist, he/she was probably a Republican. Slightly different from which party’s people are more racist. Anyway, aside from individuals, take a look at policies supported by each party. If you are a racist, which platform would you prefer?

      1. colin

        Asian demographics line up more with Whites than Blacks and Hispanics. Asian americans are sh*tted on by both parties. The democrats definitely favor policies that favor blacks and hispanics, but that certainly does not equate to favoring asian americans more than the republicans do. Asians face as much racism amongst the Democrats, ironically, much from other minority constituents.