The Irony of the ‘My Father is Li Gang’ Case

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After all is said and done, I find it interesting that the case of Li Qiming, who was found guilty of manslaughter last week, became famous for something that never actually happened. The kid ran over two people, killing one, and then tried to use the name of his famous father to avoid prosecution. Well, it didn’t work.

Since the incident occurred, ‘My father is Li Gang’ has become one of the hottest Net phrases out there, used to point out instances of abuse of power. But what happened to this guy and his family?

For one thing, there was a very public, teary-eyed apology that included Li Gang himself. There was also a sizable payout to each of the families. Finally, a six-year prison sentence was issued when the trial came to an end last week.

No abuse of power, no corruption, no instance of an elite using their influence over someone on the lower rungs of society. Well, at least not so much. One could argue that six years seems a bit light, although with the apology and the monetary settlement with the victims’ families, it’s not out of the ordinary.

Yes, we will always have to wonder what might have happened if this case had not captured the attention of the public. Would a quiet deal have been struck with the families and no prison sentence applied? We’ll never know.