The Daily Twit (@chinahearsay links) – 7/2/12

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The big story over the past couple of days has been Hong Kong. The handover anniversary took place over the weekend and there were lots of celebrations, more than a few protests, China’s President was there, and Hong Kong’s new head honcho was sworn in. Awk–ward. . .  Here’s an updated article from CNN on the fun and games down south. All the major papers have much more. I’ll stay away from commentary on this issue myself since I don’t live in Hong Kong.

While Hong Kong was the most important China story for most folks, for me today was all about the end of the iPad trademark dispute between Apple and Proview. I’ve been covering this case for many months now, and with the $60 million settlement, it’s now over. In the end, not a bad result for Apple. Here’s my post on the settlement. Additionally, the Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time blog has this report on local opinion of the settlement: Victory for Thuggishness? China Debates Apple’s $60m ‘iPad’ Payout.

Other China stories floating around out there:

Bloomberg: China’s Manufacturing Growth Weakens as New Orders Drop — As usual, more stories about the flagging Chinese economy. The export market continues to take a serious beating. How is this going to match up with 2008/9? Additionally, here’s Dow Jones on the PMI data: China PMIs Show Further Slowing in Manufacturing Activity.

New York Times: Aside From That, All Is Clear — If you’ve been following the entertaining and scary stories of the scandal-ridden US-listed Chinese reverse merger companies, you might also want to keep your eye on China Medical Technologies. What a roller coaster of a ride. Bloomberg also has a story on CMT’s trials and tribulations.

China Accounting Blog: Will the U.S. delist Chinese stocks? — Speaking of US-listed Chinese companies, Professor Paul Gillis has the latest on the US-China dispute over auditing firms and oversight.

Xinhua: New rule protects prisoners’ rights — Another reform of the criminal justice system that looks good on paper but will come down to local implementation. This one deals with police abuse of prisoners.

Reuters: China Helps Local Entrepreneurs Expand Overseas — It’s no secret that the big companies, particularly the State-owned Enterprises, in China get lots of help, including credit, but SMEs are left to fend for themselves. The market is trying to respond, but it’s an uphill battle.

Law & Border Blog: New Exit-Entry Administration Law Enacted by National People’s Congress — Excellent commentary on the new rules, of great interest to expats living in China, by a local immigration lawyer.

New York Times: Test That Can Determine the Course of Life in China Gets a Closer Examination — Edward Wong writes about the latest debate over the gaokao, China’s college entrance exam.

Washington Post: US urges China to respect Internet freedom after Bloomberg Web site is censored — Some continued discussions/fallout from the trouble Bloomberg got into late last week when it ran a story about the wealthy members of a certain high-level official’s family; the official himself shall remain nameless on this page, even after he becomes president. Can’t be too careful.