The Daily Twit – 9/26/12: Stop the Madness!

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We’ll soon be rid of two nettlesome matters that have graced The Daily Twit far too often of late: the China-Japan dispute over the Diaosenkakyu™ Islands and the U.S. presidential election campaign. Both of these appear to be headed into the final stretch.

First, the maritime dispute, and although there was more disturbing news on this front today, at least I can report that China and Japan are sitting down and talking about it.

Guardian: China and Japan meet over disputed islands — The two foreign ministers had a chat in New York while attending the UN assembly. Nice to see that they’re taking advantage of the trip to neutral territory. Neutral for them, at least. I’ve personally always harbored a deep dislike of Manhattan – don’t ask me why.

The Guardian also has more coverage on some of the more ridiculous fallout from the dispute. Two of my favorites: Japanese books removed from sale by China in row over islands and Chinese film pulled from Tokyo film festival over row with Japan. Keep it classy out there, guys.

Telegraph: China claims disputed islands are ‘sacred territory’ — That’s really not very helpful, is it now? Rather laughable as well.

On to the U.S. presidential election, or as I like to call it, the contest to see which candidate is the bigger China basher. Let’s start off with one of the most idiotic Op/Eds I’ve read in quite some time:

Forbes: Will China Bashing Cost Mitt Romney The Election? — Not sure if this is a parody or what, but not only is the premise completely ridiculous, but the author never even bothers to back up his thesis with either evidence or even logic. Maybe the guy was high when he wrote it or something, I don’t know. If you ask me, Romney may very well lose this election, but if he does, it won’t be because of the China bashing.

FactCheck: Romney Ad on China Mangles Facts — Speaking of Romney and idiots, here’s a fisking of the latest anti-China ad from Romney. I can’t do this justice in a sentence or two, so if you want a good laugh, click through. You can also read my response: Does Mitt Romney Know the Difference Between Currency Manipulation and IP Infringement?

Wall Street Journal: Obama Takes Tough China Talk to Ohio — Not to be outdone, Obama hammers back on the China front, accusing businessman Romney of profiting from China-related deals. Perish the thought! U.S. investors benefiting from China outsourcing? Somebody call a cop, quick!

The Diplomat: How to Avoid a U.S.-China Cold War — After all the electioneering crap, this is probably appropriate. This look at the future of US-China relations by Tsinghua’s Yan Xuetong is worth a read, although the term “superficial friendship” sounds a bit creepy.

In other news:

Xinhua: China mulls harsher punishments for illegal mapping — Internet companies that offer map services better follow the rules or face tough penalties, including fines or worse. Among other things, “failure to demonstrate China’s complete territory” is a big no-no. If I were giving advice to a startup that had concerns in this area, I would tell them to just label the entire globe “China” and be done with it. I think erring on the side of caution is the way to go here.

Forbes: China’s Financial Institutions Expand Overseas — Jack Perkowski checks in with a good piece on what China’s banks are doing overseas.

China Daily: China plans campaign to promote Christian theology — Headline is slightly misleading. This is all about managing/controlling the growth of Christianism (Christiness?) in China, something the government has been doing for a very long time. What struck me here is the idea that the State shall dictate “correct theological thinking,” which sent me into paroxysms of laughter.

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  1. Hua Qiao

    Sacred territory, eh? This from an atheist country.

    Add to the Japanese trashing the 60 or so Japanese companies that were told not to attend the Western China International Trade show in Chengdu.

    On China banks overseas- Good luck with that! Once they are out of their protected market, Chinese banks will be swimming with sharks. They have no idea what they are doing. It will be a blood bath. No ye ye to come to the rescue.