The Daily Twit – 7/27/12: Fewer Jobs, Stimulus in Changsha, and More Rain

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Some economic news to get you all thoroughly depressed for the weekend:

Forbes: China’s Slowdown In Coastal Provinces Forces Migrant Workers To Go Home— We’ve seen this before, most recently in 2008/9. Not something the government wants to see, for a variety of reasons.

Associated Press: China steps up stimulus spending at local level— Details on the estimated $130 billion spending in Changsha, which were unveiled on Wednesday, got a lot of press attention for some reason, including this article.

And as we enjoy another rainstorm here in Beijing, the commentary over the government’s handling of the last one still trickles in:

Global Times: Anger over non-local denied relief goods— Have flood victims been refused assistance because they don’t have a Beijing residence permit?

WantChinaTimes: Netizens brainstorm survival skills after Beijing’s deadly flood — Some harrowing tales and how folks are preparing for the next disaster, which usually involves hoarding things that may/may not be useful for survival.

Latest Sinica Podcast: A Torrential Rainstorm— Kaiser Kuo and pals address the flooding in this week’s show.

Etc., Miscellany, and Leftovers:

The Interview: Joseph S. Nye | The Diplomat— Interesting chat with Joe “Soft Power” Nye on a variety of topics, including China’s soft power and the U.S. “Asia Pivot” policy.

Bloomberg: China’s Biggest Brands Try to Raise Their Profile— Always a favorite topic. The branding strategies of Haier, Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese firms with global ambitions.

Dow Jones: Volkswagen to probe China patent-violation reports — Oops. Looks like VW’s local partner here was taking some liberties with their patented technology, a violation of patent law and the underlying license agreement.