The Daily Twit – 10/24/12: Huawei, CNOOC & Iron Man, Oh My!

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What? You ask. No links page dominated by the U.S. election, territorial dispute or stats on China’s economy? That’s right. Today’s a throwback to the “good old days” of relatively normal news. Let’s start off by going to the movies:

LA Times: ‘Iron Man 3’: First footage reveals new villain, no China — Julie Makinen has an update on the ongoing Iron Man co-production saga, which I wrote about on three separate occasions. Will they film in China or not? Will they be approved as a co-production by SARFT? What the heck is Dan Mintz planning on doing here? Expect a quick post from me on this tonight/tomorrow (on the co-production side as well as the movie’s content).

Wall Street Journal: ‘Iron Man 3′ Trailer: Where’s China? — Apparently someone else noticed the distinct lack of Chinesification in the trailer.

Forbes: Dazzled By China’s $2 Billion Movie Box Office? Try Getting Paid — Slightly different topic, still on movies in China. A very interesting lawsuit is pitting a film producer trying to get his fair share of box office receipts. He is going up against industry behemoth China Film Group. Good luck.

Now for some updates on our favorite Chinese outward investment stories, both of which deserve separate posts (but I’m not going to promise anything!):

Seeking Alpha: The CNOOC-Nexen Takeover Deal Is Now Less Likely To Happen — Malaysia’s Petronas had its Canada deal blocked, prompting some folks to say that CNOOC now has an uphill battle.

Shanghai Daily: CNOOC’s Nexen bid may succeed — The optimist’s view. Also reflected in Reuters: China’s CNOOC hopeful on Nexen bid.

Want China Times: US investors file class-action lawsuit against CNOOC — More bad news for CNOOC. They are being sued in the US for failure to properly disclose an oil spill and its effects on the company.

Global Times: CNOOC responds to suit — What misleading statements? Seriously? We’d never do anything like that.

Bloomberg: Nexen Sale Said to Turn on China Backing Canada Deals — As I’ve said before, reciprocity can be a cold-hearted bitch.

BBC: Huawei offers access to source code and equipment — Huawei does not want to see what recently happened in the U.S. replicated in Australia.

Guardian: Huawei acts to clear its name — More on Huawei’s efforts Down Under to allay fears.

And the usual news bits and pieces:

Telegraph: China announces major reshuffle of People’s Liberation Army — Get used to some significant moves in the days before the big government meetings. Here’s another one, this time on energy, from Xinhua: China issues white paper on energy policy (a link to the full text is in the article).

Bloomberg: The Most Dangerous Thing About China: Americans’ Attitudes — Some survey data on both sides of the US-China relationship.

The Hill: WTO moves forward on China auto, and U.S. aircraft trade cases — Negotiation period is over and panels are being set up to hear these disputes. Stay tuned.

New York Times: Better Ways to Deal With China — Great article by Eduardo Porter. The RMB is the wrong target for U.S. policy towards China.

Reuters: Japan, China diplomats meet over island dispute that sparked violent protests — No, it isn’t over yet, but at least they’re still talking. That’s good news, right?