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Piss-poor Media Coverage of Malicious Trademark Registration Rules

December 26, 2012

Apologies for a long, cranky post during the holidays, but this topic deserves some attention. As you know, I’ve been writing about trademark squatting and other registration issues for a long time, and the subject has been particularly hot in the past couple of years with disputes involving famous brands and names like iPad, Hermes, […]

Update on the Qiaodan-Michael Jordan Trademark Dispute

December 14, 2012

Fujian-based sportswear and footwear producer Qiaodan Sports Co said Thursday that it may sue Michael Jordan for malicious prosecution in a counterstrike against a lawsuit the US basketball star filed against it in February. If Qiaodan does decide to file a lawsuit, the charges would be “malicious prosecution, infringing upon the reputation of Qiaodan Sports […]

China Trademark Squatters Have Not Been Ignoring the UK

April 30, 2012

If you’re a big fan of China trademark squatting, or rather stories about the issue, check this out. Malcolm Moore and his Telegraph colleagues have done a bit of digging and come up with some good examples of China trademark squatters who have registered famous UK brands: Investors in UK companies from Mulberry to Burberry […]

China Trademark Squatter Guilty of Linsanity

February 21, 2012

Would it surprise you to know that an enterprising Wuxi fellow in the sporting goods biz registered the “Jeremy S.H.L.” trademark in China last year? Yes, when Jeremy Lin entered the NBA, this guy saw a great opportunity and took it. I wonder how long it will take Jeremy Lin, his agent, and whatever corporate […]