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China Files WTO Complaint Against EU Over Solar Subsidies

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Given China’s own problems with solar panels and state subsidies, this is somewhat amusing. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a good case. China filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization on Monday charging the European Union with violating rules governing subsidies to its solar-components industry, in the latest move in a global…

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As Expected, Congress to Address CVD Issue

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It’s an election year, so no surprise that the U.S. Congress is acting with uncharacteristic speed to amend a law allowing for the imposition of duties to Chinese imports.

Any WTO Issues With China’s New Technology Export Subsidies?

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China announced a new program yesterday that provides subsidies for firms that export technology services and software. I haven’t read up on my WTO anti-subsidy law for a couple of years, but I would certainly like to know how this plan will pass muster.