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Forged Verdict in Henan: a New Low For Shanzhai

April 27, 2010

Hard to believe, but yes, the Shanzhai culture has reached down to the local court system. Forged documents are nothing new; we’ve all seen stories about fake diplomas, plagiarized academic papers, and fake corporate seals. You don’t like that court judgment? Replace it with a better one. Certainly makes sense. Details from China Daily: Forgery […]

The China iPad Trademark Auction That Never Was

April 12, 2010

The players: Apple – large multinational corporation that makes cool stuff and relies heavily on its brand name and product design Proview Technology – Shenzhen electronics manufacturer Unnamed third parties — shanzhai manufacturers, makers of your favorite iPad knockoffs The venue: Shenzhen eBook Forum – top venue for touting shanzhai ebook readers, including iPad clones […]

TESO iPad Clone: A Little IP Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

April 9, 2010

The iPad clones have been the talk of the Shanzhai scene since January, with several noteworthy participants, including Shenzhen Dragon Brother Industrial’s P88 and Superman Industrial’s Epad.† The knockoffs vary widely in quality and features; Shanzhai.com has described the Epad as “the first honest attempt at an iPad clone.” Whatever that means. The baldfaced intellectual […]