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Capitalism Made Me Do It: A Response

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Yet another post on the causes of the school violence. This time, some clarification about income inequality as a contributory factor of the incidents.

China Suffers Yet Another Horrific School Attack

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Nothing much to say on this latest attack. Modus operandi sounds similar to the others: kindergarten, knife, several victims. Possible “motive” (aside from being crazy) is not yet clear at this time. China’s epidemic of stabbing attacks continued Wednesday with an assailant killing seven children and wounding many more at a school, officials said. The…

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The Police Statization of China’s Schools

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You are now under lock down. You will be monitored at all times. No unauthorized personnel will be allowed onto school property, or anywhere nearby. It’s not surprising that following a string of horrible acts of violence at primary schools, security measures in China schools will be beefed up considerably. It is rather sad, though.…

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