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The Latest U.S.-China Trade Dispute: Solar Panels

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The Obama administration will impose hefty tariffs on Chinese solar imports after determining Thursday that the country is flooding the market with underpriced panels. The Commerce Department, in a preliminary determination, ordered U.S. Customs and Border Protection to impose tariffs of between 31 and 250 percent on solar imports from various Chinese companies. (The Hill) This…

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The U.S. Senate China Currency Bill: Tired Political Theater

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I’ve been putting off a post on the topic of the current U.S. Senate bill that would punish China for the value of the RMB. I’ve been writing about this topic for at least eight years, so I’m reluctant to drag out all the old econ, trade and politics issues. That would make for a…

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Happy Protectionist Labor Day

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If only Americans stopped buying products from abroad, the trade deficit would go away and unemployment would fall rapidly. Works for North Korea, why not the U.S.?