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Californians Hacking Up Lungs Due to China Pollution

January 18, 2013

No, I’m not talking about myself, although I am a Californian and I am suffering through the Biblically nasty Beijing Airpocalypse. Rather, I’m talking about actual residents of the U.S. West Coast, which is apparently enjoying all kinds of icky goop that floats across the Pacific Ocean from the PRC and into U.S. airspace. They […]

Airpocalypse Now: I Love the Smell of Emphysema in the Morning

January 14, 2013

So yeah, we’ve been having a bit of bother here in Beijing with our air. Not exactly a new development, although this particular episode is rather alarming when you look at the numbers. If you’ve seen the press coverage, you’re probably aware that the tracking system the municipal government here uses to measure air quality […]

China Daily States the Obvious: Don’t Drink the Water in Beijing

January 9, 2013

China Daily tells us that perhaps we shouldn’t drink tap water in Beijing. {Gasp!} I guess it’s better than not that this sort of “news” gets in the paper. In the old days, we wouldn’t have seen this kind of negative coverage of public services at all. On the other hand, I don’t know anyone […]