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Siri Litigation Still Alive in Shanghai, But for How Long?

March 28, 2013

I dimly recall talking about this case last year, I believe shortly after the iPad dispute was resolved. I’m too exhausted to poke around in the China Hearsay file room to find my previous post, but I assume I said something like “It’s too early to tell what’s going to happen, and we would need […]

China Intellectual Property Infringement: Don’t Forget SMEs

March 19, 2012

USAToday ran a very familiar China IP article today, but it’s worth a read anyway. Yeah, it’s the usual interview with a business owner that has been targeted by a Chinese infringer. The story is then backfilled with discussion of IP problems, along with a couple quotes from the usual suspects (Joe Simone has a […]

IP Infringement, Meet Globalization: US Convicts Seller of China-made Network Hardware

May 8, 2010

A recent U.S. intellectual property infringement case got on my radar for two reasons: first, the somewhat odd cast of players, and second, what the case says about globalization and the Internet when it comes to IP infringement. First, the facts as reported by the Associated Press: The federal government said Thursday that it has […]

China Foreign Investor Beware. Patriotic Patent Plaintiffs Are Coming For You

April 29, 2010

Every once in a while, a big intellectual property case comes along in China that makes the foreign investment community sit up and take notice. In order to receive a lot of attention, you need the following: The case is in a China People’s Court. Even better if a Chinese plaintiff sues in a foreign […]