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Siri Litigation Still Alive in Shanghai, But for How Long?

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I dimly recall talking about this case last year, I believe shortly after the iPad dispute was resolved. I’m too exhausted to poke around in the China Hearsay file room to find my previous post, but I assume I said something like “It’s too early to tell what’s going to happen, and we would need…

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China Intellectual Property Infringement: Don’t Forget SMEs

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USAToday ran a very familiar China IP article today, but it’s worth a read anyway. Yeah, it’s the usual interview with a business owner that has been targeted by a Chinese infringer. The story is then backfilled with discussion of IP problems, along with a couple quotes from the usual suspects (Joe Simone has a…

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Monday Mythbusting: IP Edition

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Two of China’s largest home appliance makers went head-to-head over patents. No foreigners were involved, and the local courts resolved the case.

Huawei vs. ZTE: China IP Road Trip

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Huawei once again ventures forth into a foreign court to protect its IP rights, but this time its opponent is a local competitor.