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The “China Envy” Straw Man

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If my country is perfect, then I can’t accept that anything about your country is better. And I’m certainly not going to try to learn anything from foreigners.

Why I Love Li Na

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The nationalists need to leave this poor girl alone. She’s a pro athlete who gets paid to play tennis. And that’s it.

Nationalists, I Done You Wrong

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Nationalists, I haven’t given you the treatment you deserve over these past few years, and I’m a big enough man to come down off my soapbox and offer a sincere apology. No hard feelings?

Addressing the Seriousness Gap

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Some big meetings coming up for the US and China, and both countries are positioning themselves strategically. China fired an impressive salvo by testing its new stealth fighter, but instead of building on that strength, I see the following headlines in the China Daily today:

The US-China Horserace

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Why do we spend so much time worrying about foreign competition instead of enjoying the benefits of globalization?

Nationalism and Other Ways to Rot Your Brain

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Yeah, I still have last night’s “Red Scare in Southern California” post in my mind. Crazy bastards. Hint: the following post does not contain a single original thought or concept but is a rant. If you are looking for something meatier and more thought-provoking, try this out instead (it’s about pornography, so you’ll have that…

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