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M&A Hacking: Cyberwar’s Newest Battleground

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This article first appeared in Agenda magazine. Check out the latest issue here. Getting that merger or acquisition done right is a difficult proposition. From choosing the right target to crunching the numbers, from due diligence to post-deal restructuring, there are already numerous pitfalls, and some devious cyberthieves out there just found a new way…

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A US-China M&A Cold War? Not So Fast

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Anecdotal evidence is a tricky thing. Just because China and the US have rejected a few acquisitions doesn’t mean that an M&A Cold War has started. Perhaps someone should tell Reuters.

China Moves Outward With Its Bankers At Its Side

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China outbound mergers and acquisitions have come a long way since Lenovo purchased IBM’s laptop business in 2004. While the jury still may be out on that deal, yes even six years later, there is no doubt that China’s outward M&A deals have increased dramatically in recent years both in dollar terms and the number…

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