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What to Do About “Ant Corruption”?

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Small-time administrative corruption seems to be getting worse in China. Does this tell us anything about enforcement efforts? What should be prioritized?

The Irony of the ‘My Father is Li Gang’ Case

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After all is said and done, I find it interesting that the case of Li Qiming, who was found guilty of manslaughter last week, became famous for something that never actually happened. The kid ran over two people, killing one, and then tried to use the name of his famous father to avoid prosecution. Well,…

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China’s Democratic Baby Steps

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Grandpa Wen visited a “government complaints bureau” the other day. Don’t roll your eyes. This emphasis on government accountability may tell us something about future political reform.

When is a Government Approval Not Really a Government Approval?

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China has been experiencing federalism problems for thousands of years and still hasn’t figured it all out. Just because a government official in an office somewhere gives you assurance on a particular issue, that doesn’t mean you can rely on it.

Anti-corruption Crackdown or Moral Crusade?

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Are immoral government officials more likely to engage in corrupt activities? Some say yes and are using this to justify investigations into the private lives of state employees.

Drunk Driving in Nanjing: One Year Later

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It’s been a year since drunk driver Zhang Mingbao ended the lives of five people in Nanjing and the police began a crackdown. Have we learned anything?

New Editorial on Government Transparency Law in China

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Baimiao township in Sichuan gained a lot of attention earlier this year when it posted its budget online. Tsinghua Law prof Cheng Jie has written an excellent (non-tech) comparative analysis of government transparency law.

China FDI Comes to Cleveland?

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Cleveland wants to offer a long-term deal to a Chinese firm in return for jobs. Is this the beginning of a trend?

China’s People’s Congresses: No Longer Rubber Stamps

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Clients and colleagues can tell you that one issue that crops up in 90% of my first-time client meetings, and 100% of those that involve IP enforcement, is federalism. Specifically, I like my clients to know right away that the Chinese government, despite its authoritarian aspects, is not a monolithic body with tight control over…

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