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Support the (Net) Troops in Their Valiant Fight Against Foreign Porn

May 3, 2010

After decimating domestic sites that traffic in boobies and harsh language, and ensuring that operators of new sites must register their genuine identities with government regulators, Beijing is now going after “overseas hostile forces” in the struggle against smut. The Associated Press, via their overseas correspondent on the front lines, filed this report: China will […]

Will China Retaliate Against U.S. Because of Google Pullout?

April 21, 2010

Since there is quite an overlap between the post I wrote earlier today for China/Divide and the subject matter I usually cover in this blog, I thought a little cross-posting was in order today. For anyone who reads both blogs — sorry about the repetition. First, though, a quick prefatory remark. During the Google “incident,” […]

The Fun Never Ends: the Latest China Restrictions on Net Cafes

April 8, 2010

Cybercafes in China that admit three or more underage patrons will have their licences revoked under the government’s latest effort to tighten controls on web access in the world’s largest online market. The measure will also be applied to establishments that give rise to “major malignant cases” through admitting any number of underage customers — […]

How China Porn Sites Make Money

April 7, 2010

I suspect that this holds for porn sites everywhere, but this interview with a site operator is nevertheless kind of fascinating. Porn sites represent the one type of online business that I have never represented as an IP/IT lawyer, so this is potentially all new to me. My big question going in to this: are […]

Google and ALS Conference Debrief

March 23, 2010

After four days out of Beijing, I am painfully aware that work has piled up on me, not the least of which is a lot of news to read and posts to write. I am still in catch-up mode and was planning on devoting some of my free time today to doing battle with my […]

Google, China & the WTO: Financial Times Brings the Stupid

March 4, 2010

At Tuesday’s Senate hearing on Internet censorship, someone in the press asked Google VP and Deputy General Counsel Nicole Wong about an action against the Chinese government at the World Trade Organization. Well, the press (again) has taken the bait and is talking about the possibility. The Financial Times kicks their coverage off with this […]

Google PRC Hackers: Who They Are Depends On Who You Ask

March 4, 2010

Latest news goes against conventional wisdom: The computer attack which led Google to threaten leaving China and created a firestorm between Washington and Beijing appears to have been deployed by amateurs, according to an analysis by a U.S. technology firm. “I would say this particular botnet group was not well funded, in which case I […]

American vs. Chinese Sheep

June 25, 2008

You’ll have to read most of this post, I’m afraid, before you get to the "sheep" part. Just a warning. For those who are either very interested in the issue of Internet censorship or, alternatively, just want to catch up on the world of Kaiser Kuo, his latest blog post is highly recommended. A teaser: […]