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Beijing Falls Back on Industrial Policy During Downturn

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I assume heads exploded in D.C., New York and London when this was reported: China will step up efforts to boost the development of seven strategic emerging industries to cushion downward pressure on the world’s second-largest economy, a senior official of the country’s top planning agency said on Monday. “When the economic outlook is not good,…

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Learning the Overcapacity Lesson

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China is quite familiar with the over investment–bubble–consolidation cycle. Why do we keep making the same mistakes?

Another China Industrial Espionage Case

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Same old sad story. Chinese engineer in U.S. sends industrial secrets back to China. Aggressive industrial policies are fun until someone gets caught.

James Mann on US Corporate Views of China

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My comments on a James Mann article in The New Republic on US China relations and the effect of declining corporate support for a policy of engagement.

When Did Americans Stop Understanding Realpolitik?

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Why is it that when China pursues its national interest it is often accused of dirty tricks? This is just classical realism, an international relations theory that seems to have gone out of fashion in the West.

U.S. Tech Startups: China Is Coming For You

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Aggressive Chinese overtures to cash-strapped U.S. startups might be attractive, but tech firms are well advised to take a few deep breaths, and perform due diligence, before proceeding.

Jim McGregor on U.S. China Policy: Fight Fire With Fire

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James McGregor says that China’s aggressive industrial policy is a reality that should be addressed by a comprehensive solution from the United States. I wish, but I have no faith in Washington’s ability to make it happen.

Some Thoughts on the Rio Tinto Verdicts

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This is the top China story of the day, and since it also involves a legal topic, I sort of feel obligated to chime in. Despite the copious amount of press coverage, though, I don’t really think this case is all that important in the grand scheme of things. I can’t say that I agree…

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