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The Mississippification of China. Not on My Watch.

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Longtime followers of China Hearsay will not be surprised to see that the topic forcing me off the proverbial blogging sidelines is religion, the question being whether China should use the “beneficial” aspects of organized religion to promote social harmony. This of course made my head explode and drove me to the keyboard. To be…

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Forbidden City Private Club? Some Genius Actually Thought It Was A Good Idea

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I’m amused, I’m horrified, I’m confused. How many times do China’s leaders have to talk about the problem of income inequality and social stability for these rich douchebags to figure out that this kind of thing is inappropriate? From the Global Times: Two days after the Forbidden City management group explicitly denied transforming a palace…

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What’s the Point of Red Tourism?

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Learning about your nation’s history is a good thing. If that lesson teaches you to be a responsible citizen, that’s even better.

China Income Inequality Worse Than We Thought?

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China’s wide income gap has been blamed for a lot of problems, including social unrest and violence. Income equality has steadily eroded over the past few years, and as one scholar points out, things might be worse than we thought.

Sovereign Wealth Funds & Income Inequality

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It seems reasonable that only citizens should be the beneficiaries of any payout from the SWF as the oil belongs to citizens of all generations. Interesting piece on Sovereign Wealth Funds (mostly deals with oil producing nations) in Asia Times. Looking at the huge inflow of capital to these countries and tracking income inequality and…

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