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Baijiu, China’s Latest “Food” Scandal

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If you’re keeping score at home (and I know you are), the latest “food” safety scandal involves a well-known brand of baijiu, China’s infamous white wine, which as everyone knows is extracted and refined from the tears of liberal economists. Or maybe it’s distilled from rice and other types of grains. The news broke a…

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Fixing China’s Food Safety Problem

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A combination of public education and tough, streamlined enforcement measures will get the job done, but it won’t happen overnight.

Why Are the Chinese People Afraid to Eat?

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Until the time we can train our bodies to produce chlorophyll and get energy directly from the sun, we are going to have to get a handle on this food safety problem.

Food Safety Law

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China’s new draft food safety law, which lays out penalties from fines to life in prison for makers of substandard food, was published on the national legislature website on Sunday for public discussion. Members of the public are being invited to make recommendations and submissions on the draft published at the National People’s Congress (NPC)…

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