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Cleaning Up the Overseas Education Agencies

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I’ve written before about some of the appalling practices of agencies that provide services to kids in China who wish to study abroad. With so many desperate students looking to get into the Ivy League, not to mention frantic parents in one-child families, hucksters, schemers and con artists are well represented in this industry. So…

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Hangzhou School Bans ‘Young Love’

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The sheer number of complex public health challenges facing today’s school administrators is daunting. It’s heartening to learn that they are up to the task.

Chinese Kids and American Private High Schools

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Thumbs up for a great article in The Atlantic by Helen Gao entitled “How China’s New Love Affair With U.S. Private Schools Is Changing Them Both.” An excellent read that comes at the subject from the point of view of the schools, parents and students. The numbers themselves are eye-catching: In the past few years,…

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Breaking News: Chinese Students Graduate Lacking Practical Skills

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New survey data. Here’s the summary: Most Chinese college graduates in 2009 were not well prepared for the workplace, lacking in professional skills. They found little room for career development and were also constrained by low pay in their jobs, according to a recent survey. My guess is that this is an attempt to explain…

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Americans Think Confucius Was A Communist

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At first glance, after reading this story in Xinhua, I thought this was a joke. While I firmly believe that my own study of the Chinese language will eventually lead to premature sinility and/or a variety of nervous disorders, I never suspected it could be this insidious. Then I found confirmation of the conspiracy in…

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China Education and Innovation

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A central element of China’s unconventional development strategy has been industrial policies aimed at building domestic capabilities in sophisticated industries, though whether these have succeeded remains controversial. As currency reform and global economic malaise have hit parts of the Chinese manufacturing sector, there has been a great deal of discussion of where things are headed.…

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