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China Cops, Data Privacy, and the Latest Crackdown Campaign

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If you’ve been in and around China long enough, you’ll know that personal data is something that is routinely bought and sold. The most common, and egregious, example of this involves telecom companies and mobile phone numbers. Why does everyone here receive thousands of spam phone calls and texts every year? Because phone numbers are…

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China to Issue Medical Information Card

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If the U.S. government came up with a similar plan, the libertarians and conspiracy theory whackos would scream bloody murder and pressure Congress to drop it. Too bad, since this sounds like a pretty good idea: A card to store people’s health records and settle medical expenses will be launched nationwide by China’s Ministry of…

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Privacy Concerns with China Census

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China’s upcoming census will face serious challenges. How will the government persuade migrant workers and other citizens concerned about privacy set aside their fears and participate?

China’s Trust Gap: Data Privacy and Real ID

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Implementing Real ID requirements would be a lot easier with a crackdown on misuse of personal information. Netizens need to know they can trust their online service providers, and only a robust data privacy law will get us to where we need to go.

Still Waiting On That Data Privacy Law

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Zhejiang is going after online “human flesh” searches, a misuse of private information. Now would be a good time for a national data privacy law.