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Is Obama Getting Played By China?

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The journalistic sport of the weekend was generating lots of column inches about the US-China diplomatic dance over the RMB and Iran sanctions. Wonderful story. You have the ominous problem of nuclear proliferation and upcoming multilateral meetings focused on Iran. Then there’s the value of the RMB, repeated rhetorical and legislative threats over the issue…

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What’s Next From D.C. on the RMB? A Lot More Talk

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China’s fixed exchange rate against the US dollar continues to be blamed by a large majority of US lawmakers for helping to create global economic imbalances and stealing jobs from US industries, notably manufacturing. (FT) The rhetoric has never been this heated before, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that D.C. is actually going to do…

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US-China Debate Over RMB is a Prisoner’s Dilemma

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Never thought about it before in those terms, but it does make some sense. The Prisoner’s Dilemma is, of course, the classic scenario used in Game Theory, usually taught in economics or political economy classes, involving two people in police custody following the commission of a crime. The model is used in introductory level classes…

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