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There’s a Special Place in Internet Hell Reserved for These Fraudsters

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Imagine you’re a victim of online fraud and desperate to get some help. Then you find a police web site dedicated to stopping online fraudsters. You’d be quite relieved, I’m sure, and if you’re particularly gullible, you might be persuaded to part with a small sum of money required as an enforcement fee. You can…

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Lubman on the Criminal Procedure Law

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As I’ve mentioned on occasion, I’m no expert in criminal law. Not only has it never been part of my legal practice (as a foreigner, that’s kind of impossible), but none of the firms I’ve ever worked for here has offered those kind of services. As you may have heard, China has made major revisions…

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Weaning China Off the Death Penalty

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If China really wants to move away from the death penalty, arguments that appeal to mercy and leniency are not going to get the job done.