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The Irony of the ‘My Father is Li Gang’ Case

February 1, 2011

After all is said and done, I find it interesting that the case of Li Qiming, who was found guilty of manslaughter last week, became famous for something that never actually happened. The kid ran over two people, killing one, and then tried to use the name of his famous father to avoid prosecution. Well, […]

Government Procurement Tips: Don’t Forget About IP

May 13, 2010

Nice post at CLB by Dan on success tips for foreign companies that wish to sell to the Chinese government. The original article was by law firm Reed Smith (which bought out a Hong Kong/Beijing law firm a year or so ago), in which they set out several very good pointers for enterprises wishing to […]

Rule of Law: Fake Warrants Used to Extort Bail Money (Part III)

May 10, 2010

Time to finish up this story about the people in Hebei whose arrests were based on forged warrants. Part I was a run-down of the facts surrounding the arrest and how these individuals were processed by the criminal justice system. Part II discussed the fake arrest warrant issue and how it might be a broader […]