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China Piracy and the “Like It? Buy It!” Model

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One of the many IP topics we’ve discussed on this blog concerns the varying strategies employed by owners to combat piracy by changing the behavior of consumers. Many years ago, if you recall, everyone was talking about Microsoft’s China pricing strategy and whether its sky-high retail price for Windows was driving Chinese users into the…

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Is China “Winning the Battle Against Piracy”?

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A few days ago, we all heard that several of China’s major web portals would be moving towards a pay model for music. In other words, no more pirated MP3 files. You want it, you need to pay for it. Xinhua announced today that this presages a new era in China’s fight against IP infringement,…

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America’s Great Firewall?

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There are plenty of reasons to dislike the latest attempt by the entertainment industry to go after offshore pirates without bringing China into the conversation.

Online IP Infringement Cases Gumming Up the Works in China’s Courts?

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Minor story, but if you’re wondering about recent trends in the intellectual property scene over here, keep your attention on the Internet. According to China Daily, the Supreme People’s Court is planning a judicial interpretation sometime next year to deal with this issue. The SPC issued a statement that included the following stats: . .…

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Lost Profits, the Bottom Line for IP Infringement Litigation

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It’s always interesting to get a glimpse into the thinking behind intellectual property litigation decisions. When are the circumstances sufficient to justify filing an infringement case? The list of factors is long, but the importance of lost profits was emphasized by the recent remarks of Robert Holleyman, head of the Business Software Alliance. The Wall…

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