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The Ralls Wind Farm Case: Not Quite Dead Yet

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I’ve successfully made it through the first work week at my new in-house job, so I’ll reward myself with some blogging. You may recall the Ralls case, where some Chinese investors (backed by SOE Sany) purchased a U.S. firm that owned several wind farms. However, the siting of one of these was problematic (too close…

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Ralls, CFIUS and Prior Notification

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You remember the Ralls wind farm case, yes? The deal involving Chinese investors, backed by Chinese firm Sany, and several U.S. wind farms, one of which happened to be near a navy base. Because of national security concerns, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) forced Ralls to divest itself of certain assets;…

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A US-China M&A Cold War? Not So Fast

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Anecdotal evidence is a tricky thing. Just because China and the US have rejected a few acquisitions doesn’t mean that an M&A Cold War has started. Perhaps someone should tell Reuters.