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Baidu v. NYC Dissidents Kicked on a Technicality

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You might remember a strange little case that was filed back in 2011 by some Chinese dissidents in New York. Their weak ass sadly untested argument was that Baidu was censoring search results such that their anti-China content did not come up when folks did a search. The plaintiffs argued that this was a violation of…

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Baidu Sued In New York For Net Censorship

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I’ll write more on this tomorrow, but the basics are that a group of eight pro-democracy folks have sued Baidu in New York because links to their political content is not making its way to users in China via search results. This is a ridiculous, frivolous publicity stunt put forward by professional activists. I’m not…

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How Chinese Companies Can Build Global Brands

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I read yet another article today on building global China brands that doesn’t say how to build global China brands. Either I’m missing the point or the hot weather has fried my brain.

Baidu Is First Victim of New Tort Liability Law

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A Shanghai court has found that Baidu didn’t act fast enough in taking down information that infringed a woman’s right of reputation. I’m looking forward to the appellate decision.