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Baidu v. NYC Dissidents Kicked on a Technicality

March 31, 2013

You might remember a strange little case that was filed back in 2011 by some Chinese dissidents in New York. Their weak ass┬ásadly untested argument was that Baidu was censoring search results such that their anti-China content did not come up when folks did a search. The plaintiffs argued that this was a violation of […]

Han Han Goes Up Against Baidu as the Copyright Law Amendment Process Moves Forward

July 10, 2012

Two unrelated copyright stories, although I find it interesting that at the same time a major civil suit regarding authors’ rights is being heard, the country is poring over the second draft amendments to the Copyright Law. One of the big issues in the draft is the royalty structure for creative folks in the music […]

Baidu Sued In New York For Net Censorship

May 19, 2011

I’ll write more on this tomorrow, but the basics are that a group of eight pro-democracy folks have sued Baidu in New York because links to their political content is not making its way to users in China via search results. This is a ridiculous, frivolous publicity stunt put forward by professional activists. I’m not […]