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China’s Top Court Issues Guidance on Anti-monopoly Law Suits

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The Supreme People’s Court issued a Judicial Interpretation yesterday on litigation brought under the 2008 Anti-Monopoly Law. I don’t have a copy yet, so I might have more to say later on. In the meantime, here are some highlights: The top court has reduced the burden of proof for a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit…

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Little Sheep Deal Approved. Can We Stop Talking About Coke-Huiyuan Now?

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As I’ve said before, the failed bid of Huiyuan by Coca-Cola in 2008, the only outright rejection by China’s Ministry of Commerce of an M&A deal on competition law grounds, appears to have faded into legend as an example of protectionism, even though there was never any proof of that. Indeed, the numbers since then…

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Taobao Accused of Being a Monopoly? Not Exactly.

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Nie Linhai, deputy commercial counselor of the ministry’s Department of Electronic Commerce and Informatization, said the ministry “suspect Taobao Mall may have held a monopoly”, the report said. Anyone into competition law might realize that the quote makes no sense. What’s actually going on here is that the e-commerce giant is being accused of abusing its…

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A US-China M&A Cold War? Not So Fast

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Anecdotal evidence is a tricky thing. Just because China and the US have rejected a few acquisitions doesn’t mean that an M&A Cold War has started. Perhaps someone should tell Reuters.

Jim McGregor on U.S. China Policy: Fight Fire With Fire

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James McGregor says that China’s aggressive industrial policy is a reality that should be addressed by a comprehensive solution from the United States. I wish, but I have no faith in Washington’s ability to make it happen.