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Another Victory for U.S.-China Joint IP Enforcement

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This is becoming a common occurrence, which is a good thing: Chinese police, working with US law enforcers, uncovered a major transnational criminal case of manufacturing and exporting fake international brands and arrested 73 suspects. The police has [sic] confiscated over 20,000 counterfeit bags branded as Louis Vuitton, Hermes or Coach, closed 37 illegal sites…

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Ugg Boots vs. Counterfeiters: Working That Foreign Court Judgment

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I regularly talk about misguided brand owners who sue Chinese counterfeiters offshore and are left with useless foreign court judgments. This one’s an exception, and maybe a new trend? From the Fashion Law Blog: Deckers Outdoor Corp., Uggs’ parent company, was awarded $686 million in lawsuits against more than 3,000 China-based websites selling counterfeit Uggs.…

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TESO iPad Clone: A Little IP Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

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The iPad clones have been the talk of the Shanzhai scene since January, with several noteworthy participants, including Shenzhen Dragon Brother Industrial’s P88 and Superman Industrial’s Epad.† The knockoffs vary widely in quality and features; Shanzhai.com has described the Epad as “the first honest attempt at an iPad clone.” Whatever that means. The baldfaced intellectual…

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