School Violence: Huang Hung On Blaming The Press

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I’ve written several posts now on the recent spate of school rampages in China. My most recent, on blaming the government, went live this morning on China/Divide.

Also reporting on the finger pointing, Huang Hung, a China Daily columnist and contributor to The Daily Beast, talks about how the press has been accused of sensationalism and spurring on would-be copycats.

News like this spurs social criticism and debate on the faults of modern society. But what these child killers stirred up was a backlash against freedom of the press in China. An angry article on an official government website blamed sensationalist reporting for the copycat killing spree in small Chinese cities. After the article came demands by the public for the press to be banned from reporting on any further incidents.

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[T]he public has confused two completely separate issues: freedom of the press and media control during a criminal investigation. Talk about shooting the messenger.

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