Proview Liquidation Not Going Forward, Says Shenzhen Court

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Not a big surprise with the contract dispute against Apple pending in Guangdong’s High Court, so this is just FYI:

A Chinese court on Saturday blocked a request to liquidate the financially ailing Proview Technology (Shenzhen), a decision that leaves doors open for the company to continue its lawsuit against Apple Inc. over the use of the iPad trademark on the Chinese mainland.

The Intermediate People’s Court of Shenzhen rejected the request filed by Proview’s creditor Fubon Insurance, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Fubon Financial, on the grounds that the iPad trademark owned by Proview as a company asset might be valuable enough to pay off its debts.

Two points. First, if this company is really arguing that the iPad trademark is sufficiently valuable for Proview to pay off its debts, then obviously a court cannot accept this if the ownership of the asset is in question. Duh.

Second, “Fubon”? Titter titter. I may be way out of line here, but any company name that sounds like “FUBAR” is a bad idea.

Conclusion: nothing changes. No effect on the High Court proceedings.

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      Could be worse. Roewe/荣威 is horrible. English is unpronounceable, and the Pinyin looks like a joke to non-Chinese speakers.