Murdoch Says China Has a Corruption Problem

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Rupert Murdoch, an Australian American media proprietor, said in a timely message on his Twitter in the days preceding the leadership transition that the Communist regime is under a corruption crisis, reports Duowei News operated by overseas Chinese.

Even though Murdoch stated that change may be on its way, he pointed out that nobody is able to make confident predictions about the future of China. (Want China Times)

No idea whether this story is true or not, particularly considering the source. However, just for the sheer entertainment value, I decided to go with it.

So Mr. Phone Tapper, hacker, and Fox News purveyor, says that China has a corruption problem, hmm? Well, I won’t quibble with his conclusion, but I would just like to caution Mr. Murdoch from making hilarious statements like this in the future.

Next he’ll be criticizing Shar-Pei dogs for their wrinkles or Yang Rui for his lack of objectivity.

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  1. a j kirby

    mr murdoch should be the last person to complain about corruption in china,one of his uk newspapers was forced to close down, over proven corruption ,phone hacking, and bribary among his top staff,which e claimed he knew nothing about, but as usual, the top man with the money and power ,gets away with it, while at same time,lets the middle guys of his newspaper take the wrap and gets sent to prison