Irresponsible Reporting on Apple-Foxconn

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Working conditions at electronics supplier Foxconn is a valid issue. Too bad some of the reporting is melodramatic and incorrect, which really skews the discussion in which we’re engaged. Check out this language from ZDNet:

So we should cut to the chase that Apple is absolutely not unique in having products made by workers which are paid far below that of Americans, that work unbelievably long hours in sweatshops using child labor under conditions that rival that of the worst factories during the industrial revolution in America and Europe of the late nineteenth century.

Please stop. That does not help the conversation one bit and just shows that the authors not only have no idea what goes on at Foxconn, but also that their historical knowledge leaves a lot to be desired. They should spend a few minutes with Dickens or Sinclair and then rewrite that ridiculous paragraph.

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  1. Mark

    I have been to the Foxconn factory many times. I certainly see no evidence of what people are reporting. As usual, most of the reporting comes from people that have never been in China and/or have never been to the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. You make a great point. I only wish you could send it to 300M people in the U.S.