iPad Trademark: Endgame

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Looks like we can finally put this whole thing to bed:

According to China Trademark Office’s latest ” Announcement of Trademarks “, the iPad trademark, which used to owned by Shenzhen Proview were formally transferred to Apple on July 27, 2012. And by Chinese Trademark Law, Apple could exercise the exclusive right over the trademark from the day. (Bridge IP Law)

Looks like someone has been watching the Trademark Gazette for an announcement on this. That sure was fast; it wasn’t that long ago that these assignments took several months to go through. Maybe the Trademark Office is faster these days, or perhaps they sped things up for this one.

Keep in mind that with the formal announcement, that means that the assignment from Proview to Apple has officially gone through. In other words, the legal title of the mark, including all rights of enforcement, has passed to Apple.

This also closes the book on Proview law firm Grandall’s attempts to use the mark in its civil case against its client for failure to pay legal fees. As I wrote last week, this was a loser from the start. Grandall’s feeble attempts to get paid just got a lot worse.

So that’s it, folks. It’s been a lot of fun.