Internet Addiction: I Guess There’s No Pill for That Yet

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China has more than 1,500 counselors who can provide psychological treatment for children or teenagers addicted to the Internet, the Beijing Morning Post reported on Aug 20.

Currently, 1,567 therapists in 83 cities provide help to young people who spend too much time daily on the Internet. The counselors provide psychological treatment and tell people how to surf the Internet in a healthy way, the report said. (China Daily)

You thought it was a fad perpetuated by the brain dead, but no, Internet addiction appears to be going strong as a made-up ailment. It’s important of course that these fake illnesses can be cured of course. If they were incurable, then no one could make any money off ’em.

Thought experiment: in one room, put a Net addiction counselor with one of his patients, and in another room, do the same with a gay man and an American religious “Pray Away the Gay” counselor. Start the clock.

Who gets “cured” fastest? Will the gay man find Jesus and instantly become straight, or will the Net addicted kid discover the joys of educational web sites instead of porn and MMORPGs?

What I think is that the gay “patient” who, at least for the moment, thinks he’s straight, will now spend all of his time online watching porn, perhaps necessitating the need for a Net addiction counselor. There’s no free lunch, folks.

The moral of this story: there is no limit to the stupidity that the human mind can create, and then unfortunately force upon others.