Hunan County Pats Itself on Back for Being Poor

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The spokesman from the country’s top poverty reduction authority on Tuesday blamed the “foolish behavior” of a county government in Central China’s Hunan province for posting cheerful remarks about being named a State-level poverty-stricken area.

A picture posted online shows a huge screen with LED lights reading “Warm congratulations to Xinshao county for being successfully included in the country’s poverty-stricken areas, which will become the main battlefield for the country’s poverty alleviation work”. (China Daily)

For pity’s sake, you poor ignorant crackers. It’s not a freakin’ honor, it’s a measure of just how desperate your situation is and how much outside assistance you require. Yes, these folks meant well. It’s good news for them to be allowed into this program, which will undoubtedly mean sorely-needed government funding. Good news, indeed, but really not something you want to advertise on a big screen. Epic fail.

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  1. Marius Schutz

    Well Stan, I think you got it dead wrong this time – yes, back in 1978 to be rich was glorious, but look what it has done! Back in 1978 there were no poor people but now . . . . . Better put a brave face on It. It is only gonna get better. To be the first may well be the best position to have.