The Daily Twit – April 20, 2010

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Before the Tweet feed, one blog post of note for China law aficionados and a couple of shameless plugs.

First, in the ??? file, a great post by Professor Don Clarke on China criminal law. Professor Clarke uses a case to compile a few stereotypes, or conventional thinking, about China’s criminal justice system, and then discusses their validity. Very highly recommended.

Second, from yesterday, my China/Divide post (third in a series) on the latest attempts to “purify” the Chinese language from the influence of foreign acronyms. Lots of interesting comments from the C/D peanut gallery. It’s more of a tongue-in-cheek post than anything else, so don’t expect a serious discussion on government policy and culture.

Third, from today, my colleague in masochism, Kai Pan, takes on the Daily Mail for “self-righteous snooty dick-ness” in an article about the One Child Policy and the sad fate of unborn girls. The post is excellent in both substance and presentation (see for yourself).

That out of the way, here are the @chinahearsay Tweets for April 20, 2010, edited as usual for sanity and relevance (the latter seems to be a rather flexible concept for me):

  1. Chinese should spend more time reading – study is really outdated & methodology suspect re: Net usage
  2. Latest China Hearsay: “Microsoft: the latest China labor villain” – designed to generate hate mail, methinks

  3. RT @Nigello: BBC Word of Mouth – Ch vs Eng, inc history of pinyin. – this looks good

  4. VOX EU: Do public guarantees influence bank risk taking?

  5. Pettis: Chinese savings and the wealth effect —————— —————— —————— ——————

  6. Asia Times: China puts healthcare cart before the horse

  7. China Sourcing: China Is the World’s Largest Exporter – So What?

  8. EU Chamber Head Notes China Outreach Efforts

  9. Little Red Book: Water Bottle Makeovers – NFSQ’s Publicity Stunt

  10. RT @imagethief: So, you want to work in PR in China…

  11. Land deals down 69% in 20 cities last week – and what effect on local budgets?

  12. RT @wolfgroupasia Why Tudou is not Youtube…or Youku

  13. ‘Silicon Dragon’ II – a look back at PRC Net startups, made me nostalgic

  14. Don Clarke: Myths and truths about Chinese criminal law – must read if you are a China law geek

  15. Handwritten Chinese characters fading away – mysteriously, typing seems to be improving. Strange.

  16. RT @cmphku: News: “Ban” on English acronyms draws fire

  17. Catastrophe insurance in the works – yeah, I guess there’s a market for that kind of thing here

  18. Fake goods in mail up 7-fold – rise in e-commerce

  19. Microsoft’s China contractors break labor rules – Other than MSN involvement, not sure why this is even news

  20. RT @CDTimes: Rio, BHP, Fortescue Hit by China Computer Hackers

  21. U.S. will act if China does not revalue yuan: lawmaker – U.S. House puffery from Sander Levin

  22. US Nears Decision on China Currency Probe – press seems to like repeating this misleading headline

  23. China May Slash U.S. Chicken Imports by 55%, USDA Agency Says – anti-dumping fallout

  24. IHT: The Geography of Chinese Power

  25. US Senators seek China intellectual property probe – Empty PR stunt, or maybe just ignorant. Hard to tell.

  26. China boosts funding for crops – more drought fallout