China Trend Watch: Fake Pregnant Tummies

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This bit of news has my cynicism on full alert:

Artificial replicas of pregnant women’s abdomens, made of silica gel, have become hot sellers on the online shopping market, the China reported on Monday. Looking like the belly of a genuine pregnant woman, the imitations have variously  been described as having “flesh color” and “human skin texture,” and as “highly comfortable,” by online shop owners.

“Most of the costumers have bought the bellies for acting performances or as a joke, though others wanted to experience the life of a pregnant woman,” said the owner.

Yeah, right. Experiencing the life of a pregnant woman. How about getting a seat on the bus? Panhandling? I’m sure you jaded cynics can think of other reasons. And by the way, was I the only person who immediately thought of Maggie Lizer on Arrested Development? Anyone?

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  1. Corey

    Its worse than that. China has a roaring black market baby trade. These fake tummy’s could be a way to fool neighbors and family members before purchasing a child off the black market.