China Trademark Squatter Guilty of Linsanity

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Would it surprise you to know that an enterprising Wuxi fellow in the sporting goods biz registered the “Jeremy S.H.L.” trademark in China last year? Yes, when Jeremy Lin entered the NBA, this guy saw a great opportunity and took it.

I wonder how long it will take Jeremy Lin, his agent, and whatever corporate platform they put together, to clean up trademark registries in every country with a significant Chinese population?

For more details, check this out (Chinese only).

2 responses on “China Trademark Squatter Guilty of Linsanity

  1. David Fieldman

    I think there’s a certain degree of haughtiness and hubris in China with respect to trademark infringement. People here believe they have the right to trademark, patent or steal anyone’s name or logo. It’s out-and- out identity theft. The law must be amended to prevent future “free rides” along with a lack of respect for the property of others. This also applies to intangible property.

    1. Stan Post author

      There is definitely a different attitude in China when it comes to IP. However, keep in mind that the law already prohibits trademark infringement, etc. What you’re talking about is a change in attitudes/culture, which is a lot more difficult to change and certainly cannot be done by government fiat.