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The Daily Twit – 10/29/12: The NIMBY Winning Streak Continues

October 29, 2012

As the U.S. braces for a killer storm, which thanks to climate change we should get used to, China is dealing with more neighborhood-level environmental challenges. We appear to have had yet another victory for NIMBY (not in my backyard) protesters, this time in the city of Ningbo, where the government has suspended work on […]

The Daily Twit – 10/25/12: Prime Directives, Troubled Waters and Old Adversaries

October 25, 2012

Most of the big stories today could be described as “news that looks suspiciously like things we’ve seen before.” But that’s quite all right. Means less work for me explaining what it all means. Pretty soon I won’t even have to bother with commentary of any kind, and the entire production of this blog will […]

The Daily Twit – 10/18/12: Q3 Numbers, Huawei vs. the White House, and SOE Reform

October 18, 2012

A relatively busy news day. The big story was the economy, not because anything specific happened, but rather in terms of chatter. The government dumped third quarter stats on our heads, so the news machine shifted into high gear. The big number was GDP (7.4%, on an annualized basis); Q3 by itself was much better […]

The Daily Twit – 10/16/12: Foreign Trade and U.S. Politics

October 16, 2012

It wasn’t so long ago that Beijing was totally and completely ignoring the ridiculous amount of China bashing that was flying around the U.S. presidential campaign. At the time, during the Republican primaries, Mitt Romney was really the only one that was spewing the “tough on China” stuff, so I suppose it made sense to […]

The Daily Twit – 10/11/12: Cybershpilkes, Solarscrum, and Piling on Huawei

October 11, 2012

Still a great deal of chatter out there on the Huawei/ZTE situation in the U.S. Amazing how both the “Protectionism!” and “Government Stooges!” sides both tend to reach conclusions without actually discussing the actual situation. Maybe that’s always the case with these trade and investment disputes, and I’ve never noticed it before? A scary thought. […]

The Daily Twit – 10/10/12: Huawei, Judicial Reform and the Faltering Auto Sector

October 10, 2012

A slightly longer than usual set of links for you today as I skipped on yesterday’s Daily Twit. For some reason, my Internet speed slowed to a crawl last night, and I found myself sitting here waiting several seconds for web pages to load. We’re talking dial-up/modem type stuff. Can’t do it anymore. I gave […]

The Daily Twit – 10/8/12: American Dream Turns Into Nightmare for Huawei, ZTE

October 8, 2012

We’re just getting back from the week-long holiday over here, so not much in the way of important domestic news. Luckily for China watchers, the U.S. Congress has come to the rescue by issuing the eagerly anticipated report on Chinese telecom giants Huawei and ZTE. The report itself, which deals with the national security implications […]

The Daily Twit – 9/28/12: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like National Day

September 28, 2012

Yes, the air is crisp and cool, and you can almost taste the nationalist fervor as the holiday week approaches. Officially, Saturday will be a work day, then the holiday will run from Sunday to the following Sunday, October 7. Eight days of fun and patriotic contemplation. I will be holding down the fort here […]

The Daily Twit – 9/26/12: Stop the Madness!

September 26, 2012

We’ll soon be rid of two nettlesome matters that have graced The Daily Twit far too often of late: the China-Japan dispute over the Diaosenkakyu™ Islands and the U.S. presidential election campaign. Both of these appear to be headed into the final stretch. First, the maritime dispute, and although there was more disturbing news on this […]

The Daily Twit – 9/25/12: Giraffes on Frickin’ Aircraft Carriers

September 25, 2012

I think we’ve gotten to the point of saturation with the China-Japan islands dispute. The Twitterati this afternoon was so bored that several of us became fascinated by this photo of a couple of giraffes being transported along a Beijing highway to God knows where. Theories include the Beijing Zoo or a new exclusive restaurant […]

The Daily Twit – 9/24/12: I Been Wanglijailed, Diaoyued, and Foxconned

September 24, 2012

Three stories in particular today rose out of the disgusting pile of muck that I like to call my Inbox, although only one of them is actually timely news. That’s right, I’m deliberately wasting your time by feeding you links of questionable importance. First up is the verdict in the Wang Lijun trial, the police […]

The Daily Twit – 9/19/12: Protest Switch Turned to “Off” Position

September 19, 2012

If there’s one thing you gotta admire about the Chinese government, it’s the ability to control these nationalist demonstrations. Today was no exception, as yesterday’s well-coordinated anti-Japanese protests were dialed down and things got back to normal. It’s actually rather surprising when one considers that China experiences many thousands of unplanned, unscheduled and unwanted “mass […]