Angry Birds and the Chinese Mystery Meat

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Never know what you might find at the supermarket these days, and with the state of IP infringement as well as some of the more unusual licensing tie-ups these days, it’s often hard to tell what’s authorized and what isn’t.

Take this interesting meat product (as usual, if you can’t see the images, go to China Hearsay):

While I was shopping, I had no idea whether this was a real license deal between Rovio and
家佳康, which is owned by COFCO. Rovio has been doing some fairly interesting licensing deals over here in China, so I thought it was possible for them to do a pork product deal. You know, if those birds were angry enough, perhaps that after killing off those pigs, they ground them up into different piggy meat products. Yummy.

Notice that we’ve got not only the name (“Angry Birds” and “愤怒的小鸟”) on there, but also several copyrighted cartoons/characters.

When I got home, I did a search first under “Joycome,” figuring that since this was a foreign company deal, I might find something in English. My search initially turned up several items relating to the “JoyCome Adult Toys Manufactory” in Yiwu (no affiliation with 家佳康!), but eventually I found my way to this blog post, which told me that yes indeed, this was a real deal involving Rovio. Congrats to them for an amusing and nontraditional license.

Still no idea about the Olympics logo, but since COFCO is involved, I’ll take them on their word that it’s authorized. Should be possible to verify fairly quickly, but since it’s against my religion to do pork-related research, I’ll stop here.