All This Unrest is Making Me Restive

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Just for the record, I’m not sure I like where all this social unrest is going. Just this month, we’ve had Wukan, now there’s trouble in Haimen. As I’ve said many times about online mobs, all’s well and good until folks start doing things we don’t like. Here’s one that crosses the line:

The principal of a middle school in Guizhou province was suspended after students smashed the school canteen in protest of alleged use of gutter oil, local authorities said on Monday.

A crowd of more than 300 students smashed the windows, dinner tables and chairs of the school canteen in the No 4 Middle School of Renhuai city in Guizhou around 11 pm on Dec 15 after a student said he found a barrel of gutter oil in the canteen.

The kids were right to be outraged, but I think they took things a bit too far. Makes me nervous, particularly if they thought there were no other options.

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  1. S.K. Cheung

    Wait a sec. Did the barrel say “gutter oil” on it? That reminds me of Roadrunner cartoons going way back.

    Did the school actually use gutter oil, or were those just allegations? Was the principal suspended for allegedly using gutter oil, for actually being proven to have used gutter oil, or for losing control of students in his charge?

    This little skirmish amounts to nothing. The Wukan business is much more interesting. THe villagers faced down the local corrupt thugs, appealed to a higher power, and had their appeals answered. I wonder if the CCP opened Pandora’s Box, even if just ever so slightly. I also wonder if/when they will have to forcibly shut that puppy up again. That might be better cause for anxiety.

  2. King Tubby

    Is this irony?

    Stan. Are you experiencing a blackout re your student days?

    This disbelief, founded or unfounded, is just great.

    Not to mention the surly, febrile state of the social fabric in the PRC today.

    Time for that big holiday and regrounding in a foreign land….US, Hawaii or even Guam.

    1. Stan Post author

      Holidays are for the weak. Me, I’m toughing it out here in Beijing. Besides, if I leave the city and breathe fresh air for a while, my lungs will just punish me when I get back. Stupid lungs.

  3. King Tubby

    Each to his own Stan. I gave up S @ M when I left my teenage years.

    Whatever, enjoy your break from sleeping, cheating students.

    Seriously, enjoy the break.