US Declines to Name China Currency Manipulator. This is Still News?

October 16, 2014

The US Treasury Department said on Wednesday that China cannot be ruled as a currency manipulator, but highlighted the need for sustained progress toward a market-driven exchange rate.

via US Treasury declines to name China as currency manipulator – China Daily

Brief comment: how is this still a thing? Can we all agree to move on to real news, or even more interesting fake news like the Ebola “epidemic” in the U.S.?

Beijing Whiteout – View From My Window This Morning

October 11, 2014

IMG_1159Interesting morning. My wife woke me up an hour early and pointed out the window, showing me that the world had gone away completely in a Stephen King-ish “atmospheric event.” As you can see in the pic, we couldn’t even see the ground (we live on the 17th floor).

But no worries. By the time I was ready to go to work (yes, today is a work day in the PRC due to the *%&$@ holiday schedule), I could, barely, see the ground, and I had stopped bleeding out of my pores. So it’s all good. Optimist that I am, I will just believe that this is heavy fog and that Beijing is on par with the Bay Area in terms of weather.